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Minimalistic and sleek: with the latest E-Lett, you have a next-level e-bike in your hands. Everything is integrated into the frame: you can't tell that this is an e-bike!

woman cycling on a cortina e-lett pastel green matt women's bike

This is the Cortina E-Lett:

  • Sporty, yet with a comfortable riding position
  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • Powerful Promovec rear-wheel motor
  • Perfect for short rides in the city
  • No gears
  • Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes
  • Maintenance-friendly belt drive
  • Comes with a special Cortina app for easy tracking of your bike rides

The Cortina E-Lett is a bike for enthusiasts who want everything to be just right! When you see this e-bike, it's immediately clear that every detail has been carefully considered.

The integrated battery is not removable but is concealed in a very slim downtube. As a result, this e-bike weighs only 21.5 kilograms (including the battery). The Promovec rear-wheel motor provides powerful support with 45 Nm. Coming to a quick stop in the bustling city is no problem thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes.

Do you want to carry a lot of items on your bike? An optional front or rear carrier completes your e-bike.

belt drive of a cortina e-lett pastel green matt women's bike

Low-maintenance belt drive

On this e-bike, you won't find a chain but a beltdrive! Thanks to this belt, you don't have to worry about maintenance, you'll enjoy a smooth ride, and it looks super sleek too.

side view of cortina e-lett graphite black matt men's bike

Sporty looks

The Cortina E-Lett is a bike for enthusiasts who want everything to be just right. This lightweight e-bike features a minimalist design, sporty looks, and a comfortable riding position. With the E-Lett, you'll certainly stand out!

top view of the cortina e-Lett graphite black matt men's bike


Because the battery of the E-Lett is fully integrated, this e-bike weighs only 21.5 kg. Easily take your bike on the train, bus, metro, or tram!

rear carrier for cortina e-lett electric bike

Choose your accessories

Especially for the E-Lett, various accessories have been developed that perfectly complement this e-bike. Opt for a sleek rear carrier or choose one of the two optional front carriers. This way, you can easily bring along the items you need.


promovec motor e-lett

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