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About Cortina

About Cortina

A fast urban bike? A sturdy mother’s bike? Or a trendy e-bike? They are all part of Cortina's comprehensive bike collection. A means of transport that you use every day simply has to be the perfect fit for you. So we have the ideal school bike, a practical commuting bike, a sturdy mother’s bike, but also a hip design bike that is so light you can carry it up to your flat! Discover your bike at Cortina!

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    The best bikes this season!

    Cortina E-Silento Pro Men's bike  default_cortina 320x320

    Cortina E-Silento Pro Men's bike

    Break lever

    CET8BMMCBD57JEBM  default_cortina 320x320

    Break lever

    Cortina E-Foss ladies' bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

    Cortina E-Foss ladies' bicycle

    Break lever

    CETF7BMMD50EGM  default_cortina 320x320

    Break lever