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2 years warranty

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Over 1,000 service points.

Style the Cortina E-Common entirely to your liking. This way, your bike suits every situation in your busy life. With the Cortina E-Common, you are assured of a reliable and stylish e-bike!

woman standing next to a cortina e-common jade green electric women's bike

Matches your style

The Cortina E-Common is anything but an ordinary e-bike. Choose a color that suits you, style the e-bike with beautiful accessories, and you're ready to go!

woman placing a bike basket on a cortina e-common electric women's bike

Perfect for every situation

With the convenient AVS click system on both the front and rear carriers, you can easily attach accessories to your bike. And if you want to switch accessories, you can just as easily remove them.

bosch mid-motor on a cortina e-common

Choose the E-Common that suits you

Various variants and colors are available for the Cortina E-Common. Choose a motor that fits your needs and a color that you like.

  • Unique and recognizable frame
  • Effortlessly attach your favorite Cortina accessories to the front or rear carrier and just as easily remove them.
  • Choose a cool color that suits your style.


bosch active line plus op een cortina e-u4 transport

Bosch Active Line (Plus)

bafang m420 motor

Bafang M420 mid-motor

bafang m300 motor

Bafang M300 mid-motor

cortine e-u1 transport herenfiets met een bafang motor

Bafang H400 front-wheel motor