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Cortina WhatsApp challenge produces mad, mad week


‘I lost a few kilos this week!’ All of the teams that competed in the exciting Cortina Spot the C-WhatsApp challenge went to the limit. A total of more than 25,000 Cortina urban bikes and e-bikes were spotted and the teams battled in tasks that were the talk of the town. Team ‘Eindbazen General’ won the day with 5 Cortina e-bikes!

On Monday the 7th of May, the Spot the C challenge started with 50 teams of 5 members each. The 250 challengers did their utmost to spot as many Cortinas as possible during a 48-hour hunt. An urban bike counted for 1 point and an e-bike for 2. During the first two days, the teams gathered a whopping 14,000 points! Anne-Tjitske Mulder of Cortina said “We never imagined this level of fanaticism of the teams. I can assure you that counting all the bikes made for quite a bit of overtime”. On Wednesday the competition continued with the top 10 and crazy tasks were added each day.

Works of Art
‘Score a Big Mac from the McDrive on a bike’ or ‘Take your bike to higher reaches’. Extra points were up for grabs with these bonus tasks and the teams produced the most fantastic videos. In the meantime spotting Cortina bikes – just e-bikes at this stage - simply continued and the teams became seriously creative. They trawled through the whole country to visit bicycle shops, friends and family were called to arms and even Cortina's head office in Zwolle was visited by several teams. In the end the team ‘Eindbazen General’, consisting of Joost, Amarins, Vincent, Patrick and Martijn, proved to be top dog. Soon they’ll all be proud owners of a Cortina e-bike. 

Effective promotion
A promotion that is worth repeating? The teams certainly thought so. ‘I had a brilliant week and masses of fun. Up to the next one!’, said one of the members of team ‘De Korte Tina’s’. Ms Mulder continued “Spot the C produces an incredible amount of brand awareness. Amongst the 50 teams themselves, most of whom were under the age of 20, but also in their environment as the team members were so consumed by the contest. It was difficult to know whether it would really come alive, but the responses from all the participants and thousands of spotted Cortina bikes turned this promotion into a resounding success!”

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