We're all very custom to refurbished smartphones and laptops. At Cortina also the batteries of the e-bikes are being refurbished. This way you don't have to buy a new e-bike or completely new battery when you're old battery is worn down. With refurbishing, the cells of the battery are being replaced. This saves you money, but also is better for the planet since the battery doesn't go to waste.
The lifetime of an electrical bike is mainly determined by the lifetime of the battery. After a certain amount of time, depending on the usage and how often the battery gets recharged, the battery will need to be replaced. Now you don't have to replace the complete battery anymore!

Which batteries can get refurbished?

Refurbishing is - at the moment - being done for batteries of the 24V Ecomo system. You can tell if you're battery is a 24V Ecomo battery because then it will be called M, L, XL or XXL battery, which is also readable on the battery. You hand in your old battery at the Cortina-dealer and you buy a refurbished battery with new cells. This will give you 100% capacity and the electric bike will perform again as it should. If you buy a refurbished battery, you can still choose between the sizes M, L, XL or XXL and you will receive 12 months of guarantee. This will save you €110 up to €200 compared to if you would buy a new battery.

Do you have an e-bike and do you doubt about it's battery quality, then please go visit a Cortina-dealer to let them check your battery and get advise on what to do.