The range of an electric bike tells you how many kilometres you can complete on average before you have to recharge the battery. It seems like a simple question, but how many kilometres can I ride on my e-bike? The range largely depends on the way you use your bike. Factors that affect this include the load of your bike (how much luggage do you carry plus your own weight and height), level of support, wind against or wind in the back, outside temperature (summer/winter). A battery is a consumable and the range reduces over time. All those factors affect how quickly the battery level goes down.

For most Cortina e-bikes there is a choice of different batteries, for example for the E-U1 and the E-OCTA powered by Bafang (43 Volt) you can choose either a 340, 450 or a 750 Watt/hour (Wh) battery. Cortina e-bikes with a 36 Volt Ecomo motor have a choice of three batteries - 300, 400 or 500 Wh. Standard they come with a normal charger and a 300 Wh battery. If you'd like to charge your bike faster, all Cortina e-bikes have a quick charger option, but they cost a little more. You pay an additional price for a battery with more power and a larger range.