System and position of the motor

Front-wheel motor
Cortina has e-bikes with a powerful and silent hub dynamo on the front wheel that is driven by digital technology. The E-U1, powered by Bafang (43 Volt), is a sturdy modern urban bike, properly basic and perfect for commuting or cycling to school. The E-YOYAE-U5 Transport, E-U4 Transport, E-Roots and E-Roots Transport have the Ecomo system (36 Volt) with tonnes of functionalities and options. These trendy e-bikes are perfect for doing the shopping, transporting kids or cycling through town. A brilliant alternative to public transport or a second car! All Cortina e-bikes have the option to set the maximum speed between 10 and 25 km/h.

Cortina has one model with a mid-drive, being the E-OCTA. This model is equipped with the Bafang M400 system, which produces a fabulous natural cycle feel and it is an intelligent and maintenance-free system with a minimum chance of faults. The motor of the Bafang M400 system incorporates a power and rotation sensor. The combination of those two sensors calculates the amount of support you need and gives you this wonderful bike experience. Perfect for longer distances and for climbing hills and mountains!


The displays differ from e-bike to e-bike. The e-bikes with the Ecomo system have a more comprehensive display where you can set the support in fifteen increments. It means you can adjust your speed to the person who rides alongside you. The lighting can be switched on, service alerts can be set by the dealer and the range is represented dynamically as a percentage. It shows the battery level (indication). With the Drive button you activate the walking assistance. This makes it easier to push your e-bike out of the cellar or garage box. The buttons on the display have been made in such a way you can operate them with your gloves on.

For Bafang we have 3 displays:
E-U1 - Basic display
E-OCTA - Basic LED display with lots of functionalities, including electricity consumption, service alerts and error reports.
E-OCTA Plus - LED colour display with graphic representation, making everything super clear. The display has lots of functionalities, including a display of electricity consumption, service alerts and error reports. The display also has a USB charge port for charging a telephone or navigation system.

Diagnostic software

The e-bikes can be diagnosed easily by the Cortina dealer. It is also possible to programme updates and to adjust the riding properties.