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You use your bike every day. Whether you're going to school, work or the city: you can count on your bike. Your bike will take you to a great night out, a productive day or that promotion you've been working towards.

That's why we think you should have high standards for your bike. It should be strong and reliable, but it should also look great! After all, why ride a boring bike when you can arrive at your destination on an awesome Cortina bike? We believe your bike should really suit you. It's more than a simple ride into town, your bike will take you further.

Trendy e-bikes

Cortina E-Blau Mens bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina E-Blau Mens bicycle

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Cortina E-U4 Transport Solid Ladies' bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina E-U4 Transport Solid Ladies' bicycle

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Cortina E-Lett Men's Bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina E-Lett Men's Bicycle

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Cortina E-Nite electric bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina E-Nite electric bicycle

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