About Cortina

About Cortina

A fast urban bike? A sturdy mother’s bike? Or a trendy e-bike? They are all part of Cortina's comprehensive bike collection. A means of transport that you use every day simply has to be the perfect fit for you. So we have the ideal school bike, a practical commuting bike, a sturdy mother’s bike, but also a hip design bike that is so light you can carry it up to your flat! Discover your bike at Cortina!

Would you like to charge your smartphone on your bike?

It's not just the colour or those cool rims that are important on your bike; it has to be practical and user-friendly too. A mother uses her bike differently to a commuter. 
So, we listen carefully to our clients and try to make their lives just that little bit more comfortable with the accessories for our bikes. For example, a number of our models have a USB stem so you can charge your smartphone whilst you cycle. You’ll never have a dead phone again! Our mother’s bike, the Roots Transport, has just that little bit more room between the saddle and the handlebars to make it easier to get on and off with a front seat.

Electric and hip

Are you still hesitating between an urban bike and an e-bike?
Just take your time and check out the different types of bikes and background information on this website! Our e-bikes have the same characteristics as the urban bikes, they are solid and safe, but they are colourful and hip too. The cabling has been tucked away neatly and the technology works without fail. We have three types of motors and for every bike model you can choose different batteries too. When you've worked it out, remember to go and see your Cortina dealer for a test trip and professional advice.

Perfect bike, perfect bag

Backpacks, laptop bags, panniers, baskets - Cortina has designed a matching line of accessories for the bikes. These Cortina Bike Fashion Accessories have been made in such a way that they are convenient on the bike and they look really fashionable too. Take a look at all our accessories here.

The best bikes this season!

Cortina E-Foss men's bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina E-Foss men's bicycle

Break lever

Cortina U4 Transport Men's bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina U4 Transport Men's bicycle

Back-pedal Kick break

Cortina E-Foss ladies' bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina E-Foss ladies' bicycle

Break lever

Cortina E-Common men's bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina E-Common men's bicycle

Break lever