The bike and the chain are inseparable. Unfortunately a chain can come off… we've all experienced it, you're on your way and your chain comes off. You're on a cycle path, it's probably raining and you need to put your bike upside down and try to get the chain back on. Dirty hands guaranteed… BUT...with a belt drive you’ll never have to do this again!

What is a belt drive?


A belt drive is a plastic drive that is more generally associated with sports bikes, but these days a belt drive is also used on urban bikes. The major benefits of a belt drive over a chain are:

  • It lasts up to four times longer than a traditional chain
  • There is less friction, making the bike lighter and easier
  • It makes less noise whilst you cycle
  • It barely needs any maintenance
  • It doesn't have to be lubricated, so no dirty hands
  • It cannot rust
  • A chain guard is no longer necessary, because your trousers cannot get stuck in the chain and the belt drive doesn't mind a bit of rain or dirt
The Continental belt drive used by Cortina has many advantages, but looks good too. The belt drive is available on these innovative urban bikes that are all available as a ladies’ and a gents’ version.

Interested? These bikes have a belt drive

Cortina E-Silento Pro men's bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina E-Silento Pro men's bicycle

Break lever

Cortina E-Lett Ladies' Bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina E-Lett Ladies' Bicycle

Break lever

Cortina Blau men's bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina Blau men's bicycle

Break lever

Cortina E-Blau Ladies' bicycle  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina E-Blau Ladies' bicycle

Break lever