A mother’s bike from the Cortina point of view

At Cortina we have bikes that have been designed especially for mothers - the Cortina Roots Transport, the Cortina E-Roots Transport and the Cortina e-Roots. Each bike has something special that makes you go for that bike as your mum’s bike! Just exactly what is the difference between a mother’s bike and an ordinary bike? Why should I go for an electric mother’s bike? This page has some general information about mother’s bikes to help answer that question - and any others - and to help you on your way with making your nth choice in parenthood, being what is the perfect mum’s bike for you! 

What is a mother’s bike?

In essence a mother’s bike is a bike like any other bike. Just a few things are different that would not be obvious straightaway, but that do provide extra comfort and safety when you're on your bike with your kids and your luggage:

  • Low instep: Makes it easier to get on and off the bike. Quite convenient when you have a child in a front seat and you need to get on or off quickly to help your other one who has just learned to cycle independently next to you
  • Extra room between the saddle and the handlebars: It's not obvious, but you do notice, particularly when you have a child in a front seat. It means you don't have to worm yourself onto the saddle with difficulties, but you simply sit down and you have some extra room. It makes getting off easier, quicker and safer too. You’ll be moving a little faster too, because you have room to move and to put in a little extra effort

  • Wider handlebars: The handlebars of the mother’s bikes are just a little wider than normal, giving you more space for the front seat of your child and more control over your handlebars

  • Double stand: You've arrived and you want to park your bike. With a stand on just one side your bike is not straight, and your child and your luggage wobble any which way. With the double stand you don't have that problem and your bike is upright and stable

  • Handlebar lock: A handlebar lock is almost as convenient as the double stand for parking. Our handlebar lock is strong, but easy to put on or take off. It means you can let go of your handlebars without worries when you've parked your bike with your child

  • Dress guard: It still happens that children get their feet tangled up in the spokes when they sit in the rear seat. To prevent this from happening, all Cortina mother’s bikes have a dress guard

  • Rear carrier: Easy when your child moves from the front seat to the rear seat. Cortina's mother’s bikes have an adapter, ensuring it is suitable for all child seats

  • Front carrier or no front carrier: A front carrier is convenient for carrying luggage. A normal city bike with a front carrier cannot take a child seat, because the foot rests are further forward and the carrier is in the way. On the Cortina Roots Transport the front carrier is moved just a little further forward to make room for the foot rests. It is important not to put too much weight on the front carrier, because it makes your bike unstable.


Cortina Moederfietsen

More space between saddle and handlebars, double standard and steering lock and also available as e-bike!

Cortina E-Common Family  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina E-Common Family

Break lever

Cortina Common Family  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina Common Family

Break lever

CETF8EFMD50PBM  default_cortina 320x320

Break lever

Cortina U4 Transport Family  default_cortina 320x320

Cortina U4 Transport Family

Break lever